It is absolutely normal to feel low or sad once in a while, but if you are sad most of the time and that affects your life, you may need to consider taking a test to find out whether you may are depressed.

Depression is one of the most common affective disorders in adults. Clinical depression is more than a transient low mood: it manifests itself as a cluster of symptoms, most common are: Loss of appetite, low mood, diminished interest in or enjoyment of normally enjoyable activities, loss of  energy or restlessness, sleeplessness or hypersomnia (sleeping too little or too much), poor concentration, indecisiveness, social withdrawal, suicidal thoughts, feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness, excessive guilt, low self-esteem.

Depression can occur in adults, in young people and in children. Some form of depression need immediate medical and psychological treatment (Major Depressive Episode or Bipolar Depression), while others require some changes in a way one thinks or asserts oneself in life.

Psychotherapy is an effective way to treat depression. Cognitive, dynamic and relational therapies can be used in combination for best results.

At Psykologcenter1100 all our therapists have knowledge and solid experience in working with clients, who are dealing with depression.

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