Psychologist Copenhagen: We are open all week, including Saturdays

At the moment, we recommend that consultations take place as much as possible through video meetings (encrypted platfrom) and over the phone. It is also possible to have consultations at our clinics, as we strictly follow guidelines on hygiene in regards to the Corona virus.

Welcome to Psykolgcenter 1100, your psychologist in Copenhagen

30 30 37 01 e-form online booking

If you are looking for an experienced english-speaking psychologist or psychotherapist in Copenhagen area, we are here for you. 

If you have a health insurance which covers your psychotherapy (Danica, Skandia, PenSam, TopDanmark, Dansk Sundhedssikring, Mølholm, Nordisk Krisekorps), you can certainly use it with all our psychologists. If you are covered by another insurance company, as long as it allows you to choose your own psychologist, you can you use your insurance with any psychologist from our team.

If you are a member of Sygesikring Danmark, it may cover your costs with 300 kr for each session with all our psychologists.

We are a team of psychologists and psychotherapists, providing confidential help to individuals, families and couples in central Copenhagen, Hellerup and in several other locations in Denmark*. 

We provide:

  • individual psychotherapy for adults 
  • couples therapy
  • therapy with children and teens 
  • family therapy 
  • group therapy 
  • coaching and consultancy 

As for individual therapy, we offer help on a variety of issues, such as:

  • anxiety and worry
  • relationship problems
  • low mood and depression
  • problems with self-esteem
  • relocation adjustment 
  • stress
  • sleep problems
  • panic attacks
  • post traumatic stress (PTSD)
  • grief and loss
  • chronic pain
  • eating disorders
  • personality disorders
  • trauma, assault
  • …..and other issues that individuals can encounter…..

We also offer counseling and coaching on organisational and work-related issues, leadership, team building and communication skills.

Please note that we do not accept GP/doctor referrals.

All our psychotherapists do therapy in English, Julie Bohr is a native English speaker, Camilla Søeberg Hale and Anna Levi lived in US / UK respectively for over 10 years and do psychotherapy in English and Danish. Our intern Jakob Jakobsen is also a fluent English speaker.

Prices for privately paid consultations vary and we also offer student discounts. Here you can check our prices   

You can also book you appointment online 24/7, if you have a cpr-number. Alternatively, between the hours of 8:00 and 18:00 our secretary will assist you. If you choose to send a written request through e-form below, or contact us by e-mail we will answer you the same day, also on weekends.

30 30 37 01 e-form online booking

our e-mail:

Emergency appointments: If you need a session urgently, it can be scheduled the same evening or within the 24 hours of your request.